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In MITTE we teach Spanish through an innovative, unique and exclusive method. With such method you achieve to get from an A1 level to B1 in less time.

From the first moment, you will learn to communicate in Spanish. This is the way to learn to speak from the first class in a natural way how we learn our mother tongue. The grammar is learned gradually in every lesson. In our reduced groups from 3 to a maximum of 8 students, everyone will strongly participate in the same share.

With this method you will learn Spanish in less time and in an intuitive way, you will speak Spanish fluently, developing immediate responses.

The Direct Method, carried out in the MITTE Academy consists of 6 units;
Studying units 1 and 2, one achieves level A1 according to the Common European framework of reference for languages, with units 3 and 4 you will get “level A2” and through the last units 5 and 6 you will achieve the “level B1”.

The level B2 is tought in a method based on informatics’ support, covering so all the different items of the language: the reading and listening comprehension as well as the written and oral expression.

Consult our packs:

  • Spanish course from 2 weeks classes, 3 hours a day, from Monday to Friday.
  • Accommodation in a hotel, hostel, room in a shared flat or in a family.
  • Excursions and activities outside the Academy. Opcional, in case of interest.

Consult us, fill out the following form and we will inform you in a detailed way about the costs depending on the weeks of the booked courses, kind of the desired accommodation, the excursions and/or activities outside the Academy.

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